Training Overview


If you’re a finance professional then your personal brand is everything you need to cultivate a great and lasting career. Everything that I’m going to teach you I’ve done myself. I successfully transitioned from wealth management, investment banking, private equity to venture capital using my personal brand. If you are good at something, the world should know about it. This will allow you to attract more opportunities and can be the spark you need to progress your career in unimaginable ways. In this training, I will teach you how to make yourself stand out and attract more career opportunities with ease.

What we will cover:
Building a successful career in finance and getting promoted fast
Becoming the Expert in your niche & unlocking a ton of opportunities
Value first strategy
The “Go Giver” strategy
How to design a magnetic personal brand that increases your earning potential


Live or On Demand


1-2 Hours (Flexible)


Zoom, MS Teams or Pre-Recorded

Futher details will be provided once booking is confirmed