Training Overview


Have you ever wondered why some people get so much done in little time?

It’s all to do with time management and productivity.

Working hard is not the key anymore, you can work really hard and not get much done. Productivity is about maximising the amount of output you generate with less input. If the input and the output are matched then you will know the productivity strategy in place is inefficient. Productivity is closely tied with time management. Time management is the way in which you handle the amount of time you spend on a particular activity or task. Ideally, you want to spend less time on tasks that are going to make minimal difference to the output and maximise the time spent on activities that will make the most difference to the output.

In this training we will go through techniques to help you complete tasks in shorter time periods and achieve desired outcomes with less time spent.

This training is for you if you want to :

Achieve More in Shorter Time Periods

Reduce the Risk of Burn-out

Increase Your Task Completion Rate

Become an Expert in Time Management and Productivity


Live or On Demand


1-2 Hours (Flexible)


Zoom, MS Teams or Pre-Recorded

Futher details will be provided once booking is confirmed