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Frequently Asked Questions

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Skill Farm is a training marketplace connecting learners and experts/trainers

Anyone can become an expert, as long as you can clearly demonstrate your expertise. Feel free to join here

Please use this form alternatively you can contact us at [email protected]

For your safety, all payments should be processed through the platform. Once you’ve accepted a proposal from an expert, the payment will be processed, and your training will commence.

All your information is stored securely on the platform. You can read our Privacy Policy here for more information on your personal information. The Privacy Policy is part of our Terms of Service.

All payments will be made once the training has been completed and there are no outstanding disputes from learners. Skill Farm deducts 20% of earnings made though the platform

Each refund request will be processed between the Expert and Learner. However, if both parties cannot reach an agreement then we will step in to ensure there is a fair outcome.